Diversity is TREASURE

MyOrnamentbySermin represents the strong, confident individual who aims at researching the history of different cultures, traditions, civilizations and beliefs to grow intellectually and as a human being. Each new culture that is encountered with becomes the new found treasure... Find your authentic and culturally rich, unique, silver or gold necklaces, earrings, pendants, amulets and more… here.



Founder, Designer & Visual Composer with Toffee

Sermin has been in the Arts, for over 20 years: After graduating from a well known Fine Arts Academy located in Istanbul, she has worked as a women’s ready-to-wear designer, a stylist for photoshoots, that were published in magazines like Elle, Cosmogirl etc, a fashion consultant and as a model.

"Any form of design & performance is my passion for expression. By making jewelry and telling each design’s story, I'm hoping to touch a lot of beautiful hearts and meet a lot of souls".

Paying homage to my best friend and family in this picture, whom I lost on December 29, 2022, my little “Toffee”. She is a very special angel in my life who constantly shared her unconditional love with me. She is my inspiration and emotional crutch even today… and will always be, as she is forever with me. Our bodies fade, but the energy of our love and connection goes on eternally. I love you Toffee. Forever. Until we meet again.